Argos UK deduping setup

Like many other merchants Argos UK work across a wide variety of online channels: Affiliate Marketing, Paid Search and Display to name a few. A customer can engage with any of the above channels on numerous occasions before they go on to purchase from the Argos website. By placing cookies on a customer’s computer at every stage Argos can determine the customer journey and can attribute the correct reward/commission to the most recent referrer of that customer.

If we look at the following customer journey as an example:

The customer has interacted with Argos on four occasions before finally purchasing the product.

In most cases, the last referrer receives the reward/commission from the Merchant. In this example, Email would be rewarded for referring the customer to Argos because it was from the Email that this particular customer purchased the product.

Currently with Argos it is possible for Affiliates to be rewarded for customers even if they weren’t the last referrer. As long as the Affiliate was the last Affiliate in a particular customer journey then they will be rewarded.

So in the above example; even though Email was the last referrer and was rewarded the commission, the Affiliate who appeared as the second referrer will also be rewarded their commission.

This means Argos does dedupe Affiliates with other Affiliates so only the most recent referring Affiliate be rewarded regardless of whether they were the true last referrer.

However, as of 21st November 2012 with the introduction of the 30 day cookie period (more than double the current 14 day period) Argos will now also dedupe Affiliates with other channels so that Affiliates will only ever be rewarded commission if they are the true last referrer in a customer journey.

We hope this explanation has been helpful, however if you have any questions you can contact any member of the Argos Affiliate Team here.

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